Kirtland Paranormal Research Society

Crybaby Bridge

Photo Courtesy of KPRS

There are several of these supposed bridges across the state But at this one, the most popular legend goes from the hours of 11pm and 1am (yes it depends on daylight savings time, "i guess") if you sit on the bridge, you will hear a baby cry.  Sit half on the bridge and half off, engine and lights off, all windows down.  At first you will just hear the trickle of the water.  Then you will hear a baby crying in the distance, followed by what sounds like splashing in the water, and finally you will hear nothing but a baby crying, very loud, and things may start to hit your car.



KPRS team has tested this. We did hear something in the background, and we have it on our digital recorder, but who knows what it is.  We always try to disprove things, before we confirm them.  However, we have had several other experiences here, sometimes pretty terrifying.  Lots of what sounds like screams  come from the surrounding woods. Many photo's and even what we believe is an apparition of Dr. Crow, his children, and something else.  Now these pictures we got, took a lot of provoking.  We do not recommend this to amateurs, and hold no responsibility for what YOU do. 


The KPRS Team went back on November 14, 2009 and performed a full investigation of the small area around the bridge. But we took a different approach this time. Our lead investigator and case manager sat on the bridge for over an hour recording and taking photographs (about 3 to 5 photos a minute I'd say). We had pretty much the same experiences as our last time here. So in our opinion we have to say that there is some truth to the legend about this crybaby bridge in Kirtland.