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HellTown / MutaneTown / MutantTown

Picture Courtesy of KPRS


The following information was found on different websites:

There are many legends regarding Helltown. The most popular ones regard satanists and an abandoned house in the middle of the woods. Others regard the Boston Cemetery and the Boston Mills Road bridge which is believed to be a Crybaby Bridge.

Stanford Road

Stanford Road, nicknamed "the Highway to Hell", is the road usually centering around Helltown's myths and legends. A point on the road, known as "The End of the World", is a huge drop off where a hill goes down at a sharp decline, leading to a barricade.


Another popular place for legends is the Boston cemetery, which is said to be haunted. Reports claim sightings of a ghostly man, a moving tree, and grave robbers.


Satanists have been said to practice rituals involving animal sacrifice at a Presbyterian church off of Boston Mills Road. More recently, the myth has included the KKK in the place of Satanists.


Yet another rumor about the town has to do with a chemical spill or a chemical plant explosion in the area. Usually, a butane plant is the cause. This is often used to explain the local legend of the "Peninsula Python", a gigantic snake that wanders the areas woods. However, there has never been a chemical plant or chemical spill in the area. The Peninsula Python myth is actually dating back to when the circus traveled through on the train and a large 12ft snake escaped from the train.


KPRS has taken 4 trips down to Helltown. Cops are a worry down here, they don't like people snooping around, which of course adds to the mystery.  This town was taken over by the government on December 27th 1974.  Because of a "save the forest" movement.  But this doesn't explain the barbed wire fences, or the military influence.  The government used immanent domain to force people out of their homes and as a result made the area a ghost town overnight.  But, what actually happened here? Now, it is a national park and the area has been cleaned up a lot. But while we were down there, we still couldn't shake the feeling that something was not right!  This area is still under investigation by our team, but it's damn near impossible, but don't worry, we WILL have more information.