Kirtland Paranormal Research Society

Hillandale Rd. Euclid Insane Asylum

Pictures Courtesy of KPRS

This site is still under investigation.  There use to be an asylum on this road or so we've been told. But its now blocked off to traffic. In the early 1900's,  it was called either Ridgecliff or Glencliff, hard to get an exact name.  We are currently working with Euclid Historical Society on the exacts of this site.  However, what we do know from legend is that a lot of odd experiments were done on patients here. Supposedly, you use to be able to walk in and see blood dripping down the walls, shrill screams, and various apparitions and sounds. However, it was torn down sometime in 2007.  There is still a very heavy feeling here.  The bridge particularly, with the graffiti and the R.I.P Nick messages everywhere, is just daunting.  That is our opinion of the area so far. If you go here be warned, the bridge has a few holes in it, and is missing portions of the guard rail.  Travel at your own risk, bring flashlights, and keep your eyes open, if you fall through these holes its a good 30 to 40ft drop to the ground below.


To get here is simple.  Take Euclid Ave. to I-271, Turn left on the first road past I-271, called Hilandale, Land marked by the stone walls on either side of the road.  You can not park at Hilandale Park after 9pm.