Kirtland Paranormal Research Society

King Memorial Cemetery



Photos Courtesy of KPRS

This is the cemetery where the Melonheads are supposedly buried.  There are several children's  graves here. Coincidence?  Possibly. And not surprisingly its close to Wisner Rd. There was also a diphtheria epidemic that swept through this area in the 1800s that could explain why there so many childcare's graves here.


The KPRS Team performed an investigation here and not to much to say. No EVPs, just some orbs and a mist coming from the gravestone which you can see in the photo above. We where also here at 6pm on this investigation so thats why not to much to say.


To get here, Head East on Rt. 84 to King Memorial Rd.  Take a right onto King Memorial Rd. Follow it past Little Mountain Rd. Past the Third Side of Wisner, the Cemetery is now called Larned Cemetery its on the right hand side just in Chardon Township. 

    You can't miss it.  It's not big,but it's noticeable.