Kirtland Paranormal Research Society

The Cult Killings



April 17, 1989 a cult led by a former member of the RLDS, Jeffery Lundgren, felt that he was a prophet of God. He killed the Avery Family on Route 6 in Kirtland, Oh.  The cult leader shot every member of the family, which included, 3 daughters, a Mother and a Father.  They were all shot at point blank range. Cult members dug a hole according to Jeffery Lundgren's exact specifications.  Lundgrens cult then went to the West Virginia Mountains to wait for the second coming of Christ. When this did not occur Lundgren fled to Southern CA. leaving the cult members behind.  

 He killed the Avery's because he felt they were the weakest members of the cult. He felt the only way to cleanse their souls was to spill their blood.  The eldest Daughter is known to write notes on the top of every school paper that said "Why Me?". 

New Years Eve one of his followers feeling overcome by guilt went to Kansas City, Missouri Agents to confess, he told them everything even drawing a very detailed map of the barn. The Kansas City agents contacted the Cleveland FBI bureau faxing them the map, they pretty much brushed it off only offering the Kansas City agents with the Kirtland Police phone number. The agent contacted Kirtland Police after they had no luck contacting the Avery's they got permission from the owner where the barn was located to check it out. On January 3, 1990 they entered the barn on Chardon Road. The Fire Department was called in to do the digging, shortly after digging began strong odors filled the barn. They ended up uncovering the five bodies of the Avery family. Immediately the Lake County Coroner and local FBI was notified. As cult members started hearing about this on TV across the country they started coming forward. Lake County Prosecutors immediately obtained arrest warrants for the members who did not come forward.

Lundgren was sentenced to death by lethal injection.  Some of his followers, and eldest son were sentenced to life in prison.



In Kirtland on Chardon Road a man has rented the property for the past six years. this man has gotten used to the attention from ghost hunters and curious tourists. “People constantly drive by and slow down to see it,In the summer,the man said I sit out here on the front porch, and I can hear the guys on motorcycles yell to their girlfriends on the back, ‘That’s where the Lundgren killings were.’ ” The renter said he didn’t have any qualms about renting the home, in which the barn is right next the home. The property has changed the man's views on the supernatural, however. Over the years, he said he has seen hundreds of photographs taken inside the house and barn by various people, with unexplainable images that appeared. He and his husky and shepherd mix dog, have also gotten used to hearing strange noises on the property. He said one fellow renter even reported seeing a ghost of a young girl in her bed. The man said “I’m 53, and I never believed in any of this stuff until I moved here,” He said. Shortly after 10 a.m. a Tuesday he was upstairs when he heard a loud thump. He raced downstairs to see what fell over, but found nothing. He realized then that it was about the time Jeffrey Lundgren died,” He said. “I heard Jeffrey Lundgren say in recent years that he found the Lord. I hope he did go with the Lord.” Although He said he is against capital punishment, he has mixed feelings after finding remnants in the home of the Avery. The family that was killed in the barn. Items he has come across include the Averys’ wedding album, children’s books, and a diary. “It said she wanted to be a ballerina when she grew up.




The KPRS Team did have a chance to investigate the barn where the family of five was buried. After talking to what we had hoped was the owner of the property, we obtained permission to investigate the barn, we went to the car to retrieve our gear. With our gear in hand the real owner of the property arrived and was extremely belligerent. She told us to "get the hell out of here" she also threatened to call the police on us for trespassing. Therefore we did not get the chance to investigate. And now it is to late. 




The barn & house was torn down in the fall of 2007.


 There is a large church now where to barn used to stand.