Kirtland Paranormal Research Society

KKK House aka Hayes Rd.

Picture Courtesy of KPRS

This place is surrounded in mystery.  According to sources, this was an old KKK house, where there were 13 murders.  The last one taking place in the mid 1980's of a girl in her late teens.  There is a very creepy feel to this house. There is no real driveway, just what used to be 2 bridges.  The last bridge washed out some time ago.  We have yet to uncover any information from the city or internet about this place, despite the fact there was obviously a huge fire at another house on the same property, just another piece to this puzzle.  While we were there we found both Police Line and Fire Line Do not Cross Tape.  This place is still under investigation by KPRS. 

The KPRS Team entered the home and the first odd thing we saw was about 6 refrigerators and a countless amount of American flags. 


Getting here is simple, The road is directly across from Squire's Castle. It is called Hayes Rd. Take it to the end, do not go after it has just rain, other wise you will not get there due to flooding.  BE CAREFUL!  This house is very dilapidated.  There are weak points, ceiling braces fallen, and holes in the floor. If you go, proceed with caution.