Kirtland Paranormal Research Society

Satan's Church

Photo Courtesy of KPRS

This is a picture inside of Satan's Church on the second floor.  The newly added red paint covers what used to be strange writings in an odd language. 

This spot is located on Babbit Road,  behind a Seminary school.  Heading West on Rt. 84, take it all the way to Babbit Rd.  A land mark is an old lighthouse on the right hand side, just before Babbit.  Turn right and the first drive on the left is it.

This is Squire's old Stable house from his home right on Ridge Rd.  The old lighthouse land mark was also once his.  From personal experiences over the last 2 years, this place has a very ominous presence here. We feel there are definitely things here. 


The KPRS team had been here on several occasions and it never lets us down. The personal experiences we've had are growling sounds and many shadows that seemed to move all around us. In our opinion there is something really wrong with this place. We just can't put our finger on it.