Kirtland Paranormal Research Society

The Melonheads


Any body who lives in Kirtland and almost any surrounding area knows this legend, and most of the time the legends are different.

This legend starts on Wisner Road, just off of Kirtland-Chardon Road heading East towards Chardon.  Past Sperry road at the bottom of the hill you will see a Road on the left hand side called Wisner.  Thats the Road you want.  Take that all the way to the end, past CryBaby Bridge.  This is where the legend starts.

Back in the late 1800's  there was a local Doctor in Kirtland known only to us as Dr. Crowe, possibly Crowely or Crowstein.  We call him Dr. Crowe.  He supposedly adoped children with Hydrocephalus, aka Water on the Brain.  We do not believe that Dr. Crowe initially had any ill intent, but he did experiment on his adopted children.  Doing things to try and cure this disease.  Sometimes doing odd surgeries, such as injecting more water into the heads of these children trying to reverse the effects.  Eventually his wife died, now the children being very close to Mrs. Crowe, went insane, killing Dr. Crowe.  Leaving them there with no one to take care of them.  They eventually died out.  Many believe they reproduced and still roam the woods, others believe its their spirits that haunt these woods.


The KPRS team has never came across a living melon head.  At least not yet nor do we think we ever will.  However, there are stories of people still having encounters.  We can only confirm what we have seen ourselves.  We have experienced things like loud screams coming from the woods and dozens of unexplainable photographs.  We do have photos of multiple orbs, and even an apparition of what we believe may be Dr. Crow with his children and something else, standing on CryBaby Bridge.