Kirtland Paranormal Research Society

The Witches Grave




Supposedly, it is the grave of a witch

executed by local townsfolk in the early 1800's


The Witch's Grave is a unending legend among kirtland teens.  Its located at the intersection of Baldwin rd. and Hart rd. in Kirtland Hills.  The grave sits on a large farm, but is about 10 feet from the road. 

So, this is the grave of Levi and Ruth Smith, who migrated here in the early 1800's. They died a few years after they arrived, at a fairly young age and within a short time of each other. It is not known how they died. Derby, Connecticut, where the Smiths came from, was one of the first towns established in the American colonies in the late 1600's. What is also known is that Connecticut was a hotbed for alleged witchcraft.  Hence, The Witch's Grave.

The Grave Stone Reads... In memory of Levi Smith, Sept. 25th, 1774 to Jan. 5th, 1820 and Ruth Holbrook Smith (his wife) , Jan. 2nd, 1779 to October 28th, 1818. Who moved from this farm from Derby, Connecticut in 1814


 The KPRS team has had several very interesting pictures here, and some personal experiences as well.  The Team Leader Shaun, has been grabbed on the arm.


 Photo Courtesy of KPRS